Eric is the main character, and is the most heroic of the characters.


Eric was taken from his home as a baby by Foreman Joe. He was raised as an orc so he could infiltrate enemy lines. However, the United Forces troops tried to steal him back numerous times. When he came of age, he fought Boars for their meat, and fought Demons and Spies. When he was trained enough, Eric killed one last Spy. On the Spy was a Missive, talking about taking back Eric. He then went to Commander Stormbeard himself and slew him. When he returned, a local pointed him to a cave where Demons where coming out of. He walked in and slew their leader, Archflame Danaar, and set  off on his quest. Pretty soon he made it to Mabribpil, where the legendary king lived. He commanded him to slay the Archflame in there, so he did. He met Foreman Joe and they teamed up, eventually fighting a Warlord.


Eric has a very brave and daring personality, going to great lengths to helping out his dad, Foreman Joe, or fighting the Flaming Army. He has a horrible hatred for all things demonic.


Eric is known for his ability to fight very well.

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